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Woman lived immortally

and the human-being in the glory of  maturity

became a drop

and the plan of birth

spilled on the road.

Man died lovingly

So graceful

    so graceful

is woman's figure

with the curve of pregnancy


and every breath


on the cords of larynx

interpreted man's  reflections,

and words were born.

" In the beginning was the word ," it is said.

And this is  the secret

of the immortal connection of man to words.

I have seen the human larynx

work miracles

the moment man cries out,

his cry promising

the song of liberty-

It is a miracle

and the miracle

is the proof of existence.

behind the door

cries a newborn-


is a cry familiar.

the walls  rush in passions

to respond to feast of doors,

the walls

    replete with the eloquence  of numbers.




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