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Doors and Walls

We are two walls .

Two high walls in a narrow street.

The hand of a builder

Who was perhaps called Destiny,

- Or call it whatever you like -

laid the bricks of your youth

and laughed:

our hearts began to moan

In the clay of each brick.


We are two walls :

for many years,

        day and night,

We have been watching the hastening passers- by ,

some whispering into each other's ears,

some bearing their loneliness.


We are tow walls  and in us

the eyelids of all the doors are

    eternally closed.

Whenever rises the breeze of some talking

somewhere in the street ,

The eyelids of the doors gently move

with the illusory feeling

Of an unseen stroking hand :

But , ala, the hand

Keeps the eyelids of the doors closed

with the dream of an opening.


Moments and eyelids heavy as lead.


We are two walls.

two high walls  in a narrow street,

Standing close to each other,

But in separation we shall die :

We are under the power

Of the Master builder, Destiny!



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