Farrokh Tamimi

Modernist Iranian Poet ( 1933 - 2003 )

Iranian poet and author , Farrokh Tamimi was born in Neishabour, city of Omar Khayyam, in 1933. losing his father at the early age of two, he was raised by his mother in Tehran. Tamimi studied accounting and for many hears worked as account executive in several major manufacturing companies. In 1966 he married Zahra Manshour and in 1968 their only child was born, a son named Farhang.

Since the 1950's he began writing poetry, showing interest in the experiments of Fereidoon Tavallali (1919 -1985).Then he joined the Modernist Iranian Poets, influenced by the poems and views of Nima Yushij (1887 - 1959). His work then was known among the second generation of modernist poets such as Y. Royaee, M. Atashi, M. Azad and F. Farrokhzad.
In terms of form and style , Tamimi believed in freedom from the prosody of the Classical Persian Poetry. In terms of themes, he was at firs concerned with social and national ideals, and later he reflected aspect of city life in his poems. In addition, manifestations of nature evoke a tender atmosphere in same of his poems.

Tamimi's published books are :

  • Agoush, (Embrace 1956)
  • Sarzamin E Pak, (Pure land 1962)
  • Khaste Az Birangi E Tekrar, (Bored by Pale Repetition 1965)
  • Didar, (Visit 1971)
  • Az Sarzamin E Ayne Va Sang, (From the land of Glass and Stone 1977)
  • Gozineye Asha'ar, (Selected Poems 1990)


  • a survey of the life and poetry of Manuchehr Atashi - Panther in the valley of Dizeshkan (1999)



Tamimi has also translated several books from English into Farsi :

  • The structure of Novel , by Edwin Moir
  • Ezra pound , by W. Van Oconner
  • Riner Maria Rikle , by J. Elstan
  • The Songs of Pink Floyd , with M. Azad
  • Passion of the Mind , biography of Freud , written by Irwing Stone .

Tamimi died by a heart stroke in March 13, 2003in Tehran