Other Works

Passion of the Mind , biography of Freud

 written by Irving Stone, tr, A. Tabrizi & F. Tamimi, Morvarid Publications 1379
in this book the famous biographer surveys the life of a man who has translated the people's insight with his psycho analysis. Stone's book on Freud ( 1856-1939 ) is charming , offering some fresh insights.

a survey of the life and poetry of Manuchehr Atashi

Panther in the valley of Dizeshkan
  by Farrokh Tamimi, Saless Publishers 1378
In this book the author analyses the work of his contemporary poet-friend Manouchehr Atashi (1312 - 1384 ). The books is specially important since Tamimi was familiar with the literary trend of the poet of The Other Melody , shown along with interviews with Atashi.

The structure of Novel

   Edwin Miwr, TR. F.Tamimi. , Bozorgmehr 1374
This is a concise, valuable book on some types and features of fiction, such as the novel of action, novel of character, dramatic novel, historical novel or chronicles. Edwin Miwr ( 1887-1959 ) is a prominent writer and poet from scotland.

The Songs of Pink Floyd

Sid Bart and Roger Waters , tr. M. Azad & F. Tamimi , Saless Publishers 1377
Protest against social erises and destruction of human relations and the enviroment are among the distruct themes of this celebrated rock group. This bilingual (Engish-Persian) edition had a warm recaption among the youth in Iran.

Riner Maria Rikle

by J. Elstan, tr. F. Tamimi , Kahkashan Publishers 1376
This booklet gives a concise review of the life and works of the eminent Czech poet, Rikle, who wrote in German. The book's form combines literary criticism and encyclopedia.

Ezra pound

by W. Van Oconner , tr. Farrokh Tmimi , 1375
This small volume offers a concise review  of the life and works of the great American poet and critic Ezra Pound ( 1885-1972 ). The book's form is a combination of literary criticism and encylopedia at the book's end , explanations are given about all the names in this critical research.


Herman Hesse, tr. F. Tamimi

The Moose and The Woman

Dylan Thomas , tr. F. Tamimi , Ketab-e Chapar