The Doors and The Walls

The Doors and The Walls


we are two walls ,

we are two lofty walls in a narrow street

the hand of a mason whose name was fate or another thing

was laying the unbaked bricks of youth

over each other and he was laughing.

Our youthful hearts

Groaned in the mud of each brick.

We are two walls,

For many years,



we see hasty passers- by walking to their business,

Passers-y who talk to each other ,

Passers- by who are lonely and lonely.

We are two walls and the eyelid of each gate is shut to us for good

As soon as we hear the breeze of a talk from the street's corner

the eyelids of the door tremble softly from presumed hidden caressing hands,

But the hidden caressing hands alas

Deceive the eyelids of the doors with the phantom of happiness....

Moments and eyelids are like lead.

We are two walls,

We are two lofty walls in a narrow street,

We die beside each other and far from each other,

We are enslaved in the hands of the mason of fate.